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Banking IT

Welcome to our Big Data blog for CIOs, IT managers and analysts!

Here, we talk business, not code. Being experts in rendering big data services, we write about complicated issues in a clear way, focusing on how big data can contribute to solving your business tasks. Here, you’ll read about the challenges that big data can bring and the ways to overcome them, find big data technologies contrasted and use cases clearly described.

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Big Data

Welcome to our Business Intelligence blog for CIOs, IT managers and analysts!

Rendering BI services since 2006, we cover the trickiest BI-related issues. If you want to read about recent BI trends to empower your business or learn how to visualize your data to satisfy different business users’ needs – you’ve landed in the right place!

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Business Intelligence

We are happy to welcome you on our CIO blog!

Whether you are an experienced senior IT manager or just a beginner to this role, here you can grab fresh ideas on how to make IT a business driver. We are happy to share our experience in IT consulting, data analytics, Internet of Things and more – from giving general overviews to analyzing complex issues.

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CIO Blog

Welcome to our CRM blog!

We have created this space for business owners, sales executives, IT and CRM managers who are keen to get a complete picture of CRM capabilities. Via how-to tutorials and business-oriented CRM articles, we lead you to a better understanding of the potential of building profitable customer relationships and help to efficiently cope with business challenges connected with customer management. Our primary focus is on two powerful solutions – Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Stay tuned and turn our expertise into your business benefits!

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Welcome to our Data Analytics blog intended for CIOs, IT managers and analysts!

Stay tuned to find the articles that are supported by our experience in data analytics services. Here, you will find a wide variety of topics in data analysis: predictive, prescriptive analytics and machine learning are just a few examples. You shouldn’t be code-savvy, as our blog is business-oriented.

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Data Analytics

Welcome to our IT consulting blog dedicated to digital transformation!

We’ve created this space to share our ideas and best practices on digital transformation with CIOs, CTOs, business consultants, business analysts and other IT specialists.

In our digital transformation articles, we speak about how to lead enterprises along the long and winding road of digital transformation, tackle challenges, mitigate risks and build a new business mind enhanced with IT. You are welcome to bookmark our blog, and we’ll be happy to see your comments and answer your questions.

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Digital Transformation

Enterprise Applications

Hello and welcome to our Healthcare IT blog!

We keep up with the trends and innovations in Healthcare IT and regularly post fresh content on healthcare data analytics, information security, patient and hospital mobile app development and more. We help senior IT managers, PMs, healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies explore how to make the symbiosis of IT and healthcare more productive for caregivers and patients. Don’t hesitate to bookmark our blog and join online discussions about Healthcare IT articles.

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Healthcare IT

IT Consulting

This is the right place for CIOs and IT managers to find valuable IT service management articles with vivid real-life comparisons, lucid explanations, bright descriptions and even some Easter eggs. Our authors do their best at covering ITSM, ITIL and ServiceNow, so don’t hesitate to bookmark this page and stay put for more exciting content!

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IT Service Management

Image Analysis

Information Security

Infrastructure Management

Lost in the world of IoT technologies? We will help you out! In our Internet of Things blog, we cover a wide range of topics with focus on industrial IoT, connected products, smart cities, and connected health.

We write articles illuminating Internet of Things to help CIOs, CTOs, and project managers to get the grasp of IoT technologies and pave the way through IoT implementation. Don’t hesitate to bookmark our IoT blog – we don’t get stuck in code and never write waffle!

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Internet of Things

Managed IT

Welcome to ScienceSoft’s Mobile App Development blog!

Here we share the concepts of mobile solutions that address the challenges of various industries. Providing professional mobile app development services, we describe how mobile technology can make the work of business owners, consultants, and industry specialists easier and more effective.

If you don’t want to miss our updates, make sure to bookmark this page and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. Also, feel free to join the conversations in the comment sections.

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Mobile App Development

Hello and welcome to our Salesforce blog!

We are keen to bring our knowledge and practical expertise of Salesforce to you. Preparing the content, we focus on business owners, sales and marketing leaders as well as IT managers, and outline business problems that can be solved with Salesforce’s key functionality. With every Salesforce article, you will dive deeper in the potential of this smart CRM platform and learn to employ it for business benefits.

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Our SharePoint articles shed light on how SharePoint and Office 365 can help organizations meet challenges in enterprise and team collaboration, document (contract), project and knowledge management, intranet implementation, etc. Here, business owners, CIOs, process managers and IT managers may draw valuable insights about SharePoint functionality to support business processes.

Bookmark our blog to stay tuned for new SharePoint practical tips.

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Welcome to our Software Development blog!

We invite CIOs, managers and startupers to get up to date on the fast-paced world of software development with expert articles based on our 32-year experience in software development outsourcing.

The blog is updated regularly with how-to guides, best practices, tips and trends on software development – all in a convenient form of 4 to 8 minutes reading time. Bookmark us to stay in the loop!

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Software Development

Welcome to ScienceSoft’s UI and UX Design blog!

Here our UI and UX designers discuss most diverse design trends, share their experience in custom design services, and help you understand how quality design can drive your business.

To not miss our updates, make sure to bookmark this page or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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UI and UX Design

Web Portals

Healthcare IT

How to Support Healthcare IT Compliance with Data Security Measures

Learn about the essence of healthcare IT compliance, the areas it concerns, and what cybersecurity technologies to use to ensure your software is compliant.

By Alena Nikuliak

Digital Transformation, Software Development

Software for Strategic Sourcing: Optimize Supplier Search and Onboarding

ScienceSoft overviews solutions for strategic sourcing: key features, benefits, and top software to use.

By Boris Shiklo

Healthcare IT

ISO 13485 vs. ISO 9001 to Attest Medical Device Manufacturers’ Compliance

Learn about the differences between ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards, and find out which one applies to your medical device or healthcare software.

By Alena Nikuliak

Healthcare IT

ISO 13485 Compliance of Medical Devices

Find out how important ISO 13485 compliance is for manufacturing and selling medical devices, as well as for providing accompanying services and software.

By Alena Nikuliak

Healthcare IT

Overview of Major International Medical Device Standards

Check the list of core international medical device standards and find out why they are important for medical device manufacturers.

By Alena Nikuliak

Healthcare IT

Benefits of Telemedicine in Nursing Homes

Find out how telemedicine in nursing homes can enable provision of high-quality remote patient care.

By Alena Nikuliak

Healthcare IT

Veterinary + Telemedicine = Safe and Cost-Effective Animal Healthcare

Find out how telehealth improves veterinary care services and what benefits telemedicine brings to pets, their owners, and veterinary clinics.

By Alena Nikuliak

Healthcare IT

How to Increase Mental Health Services Outreach with Telehealth Technology

Learn how telepsychiatry facilitates remote behavioral therapy, mental health care services delivery and makes telehealth worth the investments.

By Alena Nikuliak

Healthcare IT

Telemedicine for Prisons: Reduced Costs and Improved Patients’ Health Outcomes

Find out how telemedicine technology is used in prisons and what benefits it brings to the patients, community and the correctional facilities.

By Alena Nikuliak


LMS vs LCMS: Main Differences and Benefits for ELearning

Explore common and distinctive features of LMS and LCMS in terms of learning management and learning content creation.

By Sergey Golubenko


Learning Management System: the Essence, Scope, and Top Software

Learn how a learning management system enables personalized eLearning and how a robust LMS can benefit corporate training and academic education.

By Sergey Golubenko


Corporate Learning Management System: Value for Businesses and Top Software

Key features and benefits of a corporate learning management system | Best corporate LMS platforms for employee, customer and partner training.

By Sergey Golubenko


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